What Is Referralrecruitment?

Referralrecruitment is a global online social recruitment site that facilitates a job referral reward service for recruiters, referrers, and candidates. Referralrecruitment is the most effective and efficient social recruitment tool as it connects recruiters with candidates, who are recommended by referrers (employees, family, friends, acquaintances), via online word of mouth. Referralrecruitment enhances the concept of a private employee referral program (the number one sourcing and recruitment tool) and a public job board in one easy to use web application which results in: low cost of hire, less time to hire, and high quality of hire.

Everybody wins!: Recruiter posts a job with reward and finds the best candidate; Referrer refers the hired candidate and earns a reward; Candidate expresses interest and gets a great job.

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How It Works

Recruiter: posts jobs privately or as well publicly with a reward that leads to candidates and sends/shares referral e-mail messages incl. a job(s) link in/with his/her social network.
Referrer: receives a referral e-mail message or sees public job board postings and refers jobs in his/her social network and earns a reward.
Candidate: receives a referral e-mail message or sees a public job board posting and expresses interest in a job and is hired.
Click on public job board to see the complete list of open jobs which have been made as well public by (active) recruiters.
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